Ad Astra is a COMMUNITY acupuncture clinic dedicated to serving Lawrence since 2010. We have won Best of Lawrence for Acupuncture the past 2 years. Our goal is to provide affordable acupuncture.

Come sit in a recliner, fully clothed, while we place tiny needles below your elbows and knees. Then sleep as long as you want while your body heals. The group setting helps energize the healing process and is the way acupuncture was originally practiced in Asia.


- Affordable, so you can come as often as you need
- Time proven and validated by the World Health Organization
- Promotes overall well being, balance and improved energy flow
- Easy. Relaxing. Healing.
-Tiny needles don’t hurt

Commonly Treated Conditions

- Pain
- Allergies
- Stress, fatigue, sleep disorders
- Chemotherapy reactions/Cancer pain
- Depression/Addictions
- Digestive problems
- Hypertension/Circulation issues
- Fertility
- Burning the candle at both ends